Published by Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, UK.

People are much more aware of the role of physiotherapy than they were four years ago, a public opinion survey conducted for the CSP shows

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. It shows that 80 per cent of those questioned agreed with the statement ‘Physiotherapy can help you stay healthy and improve health problems you may have’. This compares with 60 per cent in 2009 and 72 per cent in 2011.


When asked where they would look for advice or information about how to improve their health, 36 per cent said they would ask a physiotherapist. This compares with 27 per cent in 2011.

Awareness of the role that physios play in treating musculoskeletal problems and sporting injuries was high, but respondents were also aware of the role of physio in rehabilitation, stroke, and heart conditions.

Lynne Stockbridge, the CSP’s campaigns and communications director, said this was a major achievement for the society.

Get noticed
‘People are bombarded every day with messages and information in digital and social media, on TV and in newspapers. So we have had to be highly creative and very focused in our media and public affairs work, in order to get physiotherapy noticed. These results show that CSP has been very successful, on behalf of members, in increasing public awareness about physiotherapy.

‘For more than three years we have promoted “move for health” messages and the benefits of regular physical activity. Workout@work day in June each year is one of the main initiatives which enables the CSP to promote these messages. The Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012 gave us a unique opportunity, and working in partnership with some patient groups has also helped us promote the benefits of physiotherapy’.

The survey results also show that between two thirds and three quarters of people were aware – when prompted – of many of the health conditions or problems that physiotherapy treats and helps.

The CSP has surveyed the general public in the UK four times in the last eight years to measure levels of awareness about physiotherapy. Surveys were conducted in 2004, 2009, 2011 and 2012 among a representative sample of the UK adult population